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Seeded My Yard

Nothing like a little yard work to make your back sore, your legs hurt, your hands all dry and calloused… oh, and your paycheck take-up residence down at the local home depot. I spent the last few weekends prepping my front-yard for seeding. Here’s the current state of progress: Round up’d. Weed’s pulled. Ground tilled. […]

Holiday Conversations

do you have things that you either can’t or don’t want to talk about when you get together with your family? and by family, I’m not talking about the spouse and kids. i’m more talking about how we as adults relate to our parents, in-laws, and extended family. this is especially an issue when you’ve […]

e-trade User Experience Sucks

I recently sold some of the stock I purchased through my ESPP. My employer uses etrade, so as soon as the cash funds showed up in my account I went to the website to transfer the funds over to my financial institution. There are basically two options for transferring funds — through a wire transfer […]

WordPress Integration With Yahoo! Mail

I’m testing the WordPress integration with Yahoo! Mail.  If you are reading this, it actually worked!

java coding madness

if you have a method with 8 SWITCH statements with a combined total of 25 CASEs and 4 DEFAULT actions. And sprinkled throughout switch land is 41 IF statements, of which 15 have &&, ||, or both… and sprinkled all over SWITCH-and-IF ‘ville you have 5 or so try/catch clauses that throw exceptions, and in […]

:hover in IE7…. sucks….

As this is a somewhat relevant topic with respect to the kinds of things I would like to talk about here, I’m copying this post over from my now defunct blog over at…. I had some interesting findings while trying to figure out why mouse-event-based hover behaviors were so slow in IE7 for a […]

recursive blog posting

blog Originally uploaded by jdarren I think this might hurt my head. A blog entry from flickr containing a photo of my blog, that has a flickr badge that has photos from my photostream. Reminds me of a scene from spaceballs [Dark Helmet and Sandurz come across an image of themselves viewing the screen. As […]

Looking for a color scheme

Looking for a good color scheme for my blog. Found this one called ahem “pooky rug” on             I like the colors but need to figure out how to effectively make use of color without going too crazy. I need a good visual designer to do this stuff for […]

my blog looks like ass

I am using one of the wordpress “sandbox” themes because I want as little interference as possible from existing CSS. I’ve purchased the CSS upgrade, so I wanted to find something that represents a fairly blank canvas on which to layer my own stylings. Complete creative control over the look will be nice, but in […]

Kicking the tires.

Kicking the tires on wordpress.  After I learn the ropes a bit and see what I think, I’ll start posting.