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:hover in IE7…. sucks….

As this is a somewhat relevant topic with respect to the kinds of things I would like to talk about here, I’m copying this post over from my now defunct blog over at blogspot.com…. I had some interesting findings while trying to figure out why mouse-event-based hover behaviors were so slow in IE7 for a […]

Looking for a color scheme

Looking for a good color scheme for my blog. Found this one called ahem “pooky rug” on colorschemer.com             I like the colors but need to figure out how to effectively make use of color without going too crazy. I need a good visual designer to do this stuff for […]

Elegant Web Typography – SlideShare

I’ve been reading Elegant Web Typography on slide-share.  This is an excellent presentation.  One of the topics covered is the use of absolute (pixels) vs. relative (em’s or percentage-based) font sizing. There’s a nice slide or two devoted to the pros and cons of using absolute vs. relative font sizing.  After reading it, I’m questioning […]